Protected Fields

Data security for custom fields.

Secure field values with permission-based restrictions.

Securely store sensitive data in Jira

Secure your custom fields

Easy configurable permission management. Configure permissions for field view and/or edit rights.

Add to any project

Add your protected field(s) to any project. You can add a single or as many protected fields as you like to all your projects. Configure them individually for different security schemes.

Unique security settings per project or for all

Configure your protected fields per project or for the entire custom field context. You can have different security permission schemes for all your fields for view/edit rights.


Protect your field data with Protected Fields!

It lets you configure who can view and edit field data on a Jira Issue.

You can now securely store sensitive data in Jira!

Data is stored on Atlassian servers, we, as a vendor got no access to it.

Supported Protected Field types:




Choose between encrypted or un-encrypted at rest.

Encrypted Field data is securely encrypted with a 256 bit AES algorithm and protected from API, and data export access. Read more on encryption here.

Un-encrypted Field data is accessible through automation, API, and data exports.

Configure view and/or edit field permissions per project, or for the entire custom field context based on:




The project lead of the project

Users / Group custom fields

User that is part of a custom field.

Single User

Multi User

Single Group

Multi Group

Customer Request Participants

Project Roles

Migrate existing fields into protected fields!

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