Dashboard Gadget for Assets

Show Assets on a Dashboard Gadget using Dashboard Gadget for Assets

The Dashboard Gadget for Assets lets you combine asset data from multiple sources in one dashboard. It’s a great way to consolidate your reporting on a set of shared assets. You can configure the display based on the specific information that you want or need – extract important metrics from an organization-wide system or quickly see what’s happening with a specific machine.

Show Assets on a Dashboard Gadget

Display any number of assets on a dashboard gadget

Configure the what you want to see

Use Asset Query Language (AQL) to select what data to load You can now use the same query language you are already familiar with to select what data to display in the insights tab, stream list and other tools.

Display as a Card or Table

Render the dashboard gadget as a card or table. Enables you to create a dashboard with multiple gadgets layouts.

Easy to configure

Add your Atlassian sites and choose to load Assets from a specific site or from all sites. Get the data you need in one place.