Integrations Hub

Quickly connect Jira across any system using REST, SOAP. Reduces cost and complexity for Jira integrations

Connect Jira to any system!

Get your integrations up and running in minutes! iHUB is a no-code, easy to use, integrations hub that connects Jira to any REST, SOAP or message queue-based API. Triggers on events, post functions and scheduled basis.

Security first!

Integrate securely using OAuth2, Basic-Auth, or header tokens. Allow other systems to connect securely to your Jira instance* * PEN-tested by 3rd party security team.

The sky is the limit!

Use iHub to automate, integrate and customize Jira for all your needs. Chain integrations using API responses for automated productivity flows.”This is a game-changer”


Welcome to the world of integrations!

Create automated REST integrations in minutes without coding! Extend, automate and integrate Jira with other systems such as ServiceNow, GSuite, Salesforce, GitHub, and own built system. Or use it to automate JIRA tasks via the REST API.

REST Request actions can be chained, using the response from the previous REST request action as input for the chained REST requests(s).

REST Request Configuration

Triggers – Events or Webhooks

Incoming REST calls – map incoming data to JIRA

Execution Log – Request details

Chained REST requests – triggered by its parent

Issue Object variables



Authentications (OAuth2, Bearer Token, Basic)

Send issue attachments

Trigger on field changed

Example use cases:

Automate system access on external systems such as LDAP

Get or send information to external systems

Automate creation of confluence pages for Epics


Automate onboarding processes